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Don’t let Time become your enemy!
Don’t let time become your enemy. That is the reflection of the day. I was reflecting on this today, Friday, and I am amazed about all the emotions that I’ve gone through this week. I have been feeling like I am on a roller coaster. I have been up and down on this roller coaster ride. More downs than ups this week. But definitely, the end of the week has been a very successful one and a beautifully connected week. I was reflecting on something that I have learned through the years of doing so much work on myself. One of the concepts that has really made a difference in my life is understanding that time should be your friend, not your enemy. We convert time into our enemy most of our lives and what I mean to say when I’m saying this concept is that we have a tendency of reacting so quickly when something is not working especially when we are disconnected with a friend or a loved one. We have the tendency of taking that disconnect and then making it worse because our reaction time is so short. This happened to me this week with somebody that I love and I have spent a lot of time with. I felt this disconnect and the energy was really not good. I did not like what I was feeling but I decided that I was not going to react at the beginning of the week. That I was going to sit and reflect the whole week on what was going on. What was I contributing, what was the other person contributing because, obviously, we have a very strong connection. We were feeling so disconnected. As I was sitting here at the house today, I said to myself, “Wow, I made time with my friend again and again and again. I keep making time for my friend. My time is valuable. It really gives an opportunity to deflate anger, to deflate frustration, to deflate hate. I am amazed how I can sit here and tell you that after going through this weekend, at the end of the week, I see how the connection is coming back. We are not as angry with each other. We are not saying, you know, little comments here and there that have a meaning behind them. It isn’t directly saying, I resent you. It is like seeing a balloon being deflated and you open up the connection again. This is something that I want you to reflect on because the challenge that we have where we created many disconnections in our lives is that the space between an action and the reaction gets shorter and shorter. People start getting on each other’s nerves. They are resenting and even hating. If you give the space, you take that space between the action and the reaction. You make it longer and longer and you take the time to reflect. When you feel that your body is ready to speak, then you speak because your body tells you when it’s ready. If you’re all tensed up and your neck is tense and you’re feeling heat and you’re just feeling that stress, then you’re not ready to speak. You need to go within yourself and you need to start reflecting on what is going on. What are you contributing and what is the other person contributing because there are always two people to contribute to a challenging situation. This is a powerful reflection. I hope you are able to reflect, reset and reconnect with yourself and those relationships that you have formed a disconnection with.

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