Don’t forget to enjoy the journey as you travel to your Destination

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Don’t forget to enjoy the journey as you travel to your Destination
Don’t forget to enjoy the journey as you reach your destination. That is the reflection of the day. I was thinking of a friend of mine when I was reflecting this morning of how we tend to concentrate so much on the final destination and we have the tendency of forgetting the journey to get there. I’ll give you an example. I mean, I know the example that I know my friend is experiencing right now as she prepares for her daughter’s wedding. She made a comment that her daughter can’t wait until the wedding is over because it’s so much planning and so much that goes into it that you can get frustrated. And I realized how much we do in our lives. Even with our lives, we all have a final destination. We concentrate so much on what our life is going to be or what we want out of life that we forget to concentrate on being present and being appreciative of what we have now. That journey that we are going through has different stages and we have to be present to them and be grateful throughout this journey. I go back to, I remember with my wedding, you know when I was getting married to my ex-husband, my daughter’s father, of how stressed he was with the wedding and how stressed I was getting with the wedding to the point that I was like, “I’m not going to get married! I am not going to have a big wedding. It doesn’t matter. This is too stressful! My girlfriend ended up helping me out and I became more present to just enjoying the journey to get to the wedding. Obviously, I’m divorced now. You know, it didn’t exactly turn out to be a forever story but out of that story, I had a beautiful wedding and I ended up having a beautiful daughter that I am grateful for, for the rest of my life. I was able to have a little girl which I never thought I was going to have because I had 2 boys. Today, I was thinking, as I went to work, on that amazing meditation that I was present to this morning. There was a Chinese word that she used that’s called Kotsu. Kotsu which means step by step made me think of how in life, we learn to appreciate every step, we get connected with life and we get to have a more fulfilled life. So today, I was invited out of the blue and very spontaneously by my son. My son calls me and says, “Mom, I would like you to join me for a ride. I am learning to sail and I want to have you with me and then we’re going to go to lunch. I was already at work, dressed up. Thank God that I had listened to that meditation today because as soon as he said that to me, my knee-jerk reaction was going to be that I have so much work but then I said, “No, I am going to enjoy this journey. Work is going to be here.” I dedicate a lot of time to my work and I have to create this balance where I get to enjoy the journey with the people that matter to me and for my son to be asking me out of the blue, it is a privilege that I could not let go. So I went on this boat ride and I just got home. I’m doing this podcast as I get ready to go back to work after spending an amazing half day with my son. So I am asking you, today, to reflect on how you are living your life. Are you concentrating so much on your destination? Whatever that destination is, are forgetting the path in this journey? Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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