Curiosity leads to clarity

Curiosity leads to clarity
Curiosity leads to Clarity. That is the reflection of the day. I’m reflecting on the fact that there is an area of my life that I sort of put on hold for a long time and I was trying to figure out why. Ironically, my son, Franco was the one that sort of got me curious about the fact that romantic love for me is an area where I have not really put any time into. I have been extremely dedicated to my family, my business and obviously, my mission, my movement, my book, everything else. But somehow, I have not found time for love. He was asking me many questions and one of them was, Why are you not dating? So I decided to take on his advice and I started to date. As I am dating, I realize that there’s a lot that I need to understand and get more clarity. But I am not going to get clarity if I don’t get curious. Today, that is so clear to me because I have not been curious about why I am not dating. I have not really put any time into it because it hasn’t even crossed my mind as much. That is why the reflection today of curiosity leads to clarity even with other areas of your life. Like the body. Many people struggle with their body. Are you curious enough to really dig into why it is that you eat the wrong things? Why is it that you don’t work out? Why don’t you go for a walk? Why, why, why? We need to be very, very curious spiritually. Like, what are the questions that you want to ask? Are you connected spiritually if you’re not? If you’re not making the time for that it is because you’re not clear enough. In order to get clarity, you need to be curious. My son made that so clear to me today because he went through all these questions that he asked as part of something that he does which is called Spark. Basically, it’s something that should be sparking an area of your brain to try to figure out why you are not getting results in certain areas of your life. He asked me questions that made me realize that I wasn’t clear on what I want as far as love is concerned. Therefore, he says, “Well you’re never going to get love because you’re not clear on what you want and that was very eye-opening for me because I also realized that I start looking for ways to sabotage the connection. That is possible. I’ve done this before and I want to change that because ultimately what I want is love in my life. I want to be connected to someone. I want to live the rest of my life, hopefully, with that beautiful, amazing person that is going to be bringing so much joy and connection and making life just much, much richer. I am thrilled that I got to be curious because it is going to continue to open up the possibility for me to find love. So let’s reflect, reset and reconnect with those areas of your life where you need to start getting curious so you can get the clarity that you need.

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