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Consistency the creator of dreams
Consistency, the creator of dreams. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I’m going to give you a little homework. I want you to go in front of a mirror, look at yourself and ask yourself this question, “How do I show up every day on a consistent basis? or Am I lacking consistency? You can actually get the answer to this question very easily. The answer is in the results that you are getting. Are you getting the results that you have set up to get? We all set up goals. I think everyone pretty much gets up and has goals for the day. They have a goal for the week, goals for the month and goals for the year but they lack consistency. I think it is one of the most powerful tools that we get in life. That word, consistency, says it all! Are you consistently working on your body? If not, you’re obviously not going to have the body that you want. Are you consistently working on your finances? Are you doing a budget? Are you following your budget? Are you understanding when you are spending money that you are consistently spending the money or are you consistently saving? Are you working on relationships on a consistent basis or are you lacking consistency with those relationships that have meaning to you? The ones you want to create a strong foundation with. A foundation is created by creating consistency in life and I know that consistency is something that I think we all work at. But I am going to give you a little secret guess on what consistency is. It is about creating habits on a daily basis that will let you or will lead you to a way where you would create consistency. So those little, I go back to the daily deposits on a daily basis, keep adding small actions that are going to lead you into a consistent life. When you get up in the morning consistently, what are you doing? Are you having a huge breakfast first thing in the morning and then rushing like crazy? You don’t give yourself the time to start building the frame for a powerful day. You start in a stressful way! Or are you waking up a little bit earlier so that you can consistently create a routine that is going to serve you better, that is going to continue to help you create the frame for a productive and fulfilling day. It’s in your hands! You have the power of creating the consistency that will lead you to create a life that you want. Don’t give up on that life or those dreams because consistency is the creator of dreams. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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