Compassion is vital

Compassion is vital
Compassion is vital. That is the reflection of the day. I am sitting here reflecting on this incredible day that I just experienced in my office. Many of you that know me know that I have a Medical Center in White Plains, New York and because of the spike in the coronavirus, COVID-19, we are experiencing unprecedented times, I have to say. Because even during COVID, when it was extremely active in the beginning of April, we did not experience what I have experienced even today. Today, we saw over 450 patients and from 8am until 6pm, we were non-stop. What I realized is how compassion is so vital. It is critical to have compassion for your staff, compassion for the patients and everything just flows. The energy is like a wave of just peace in the midst of chaos. Because of compassion, I made sure that my staff was compassionate with the patients. That no matter what, they kept their cool and understood the people are stressed out. Thanksgiving is coming. Families are trying to get together. Help them understand that we’re doing that work. We are helping people and the compassion that I have and Gina, my business partner, for our staff just trickles into the patient and is beautiful to see. So today, I was dealing with the patients, communicating with them, being clear on what the expectations were even if it’s something that they didn’t want to hear. We were radically honest and people were told to wait until they were called. But it was with the intention that we were going to be seeing them and that we were going to make sure that they were taken in the order that they came in and their appointments. But with that, we just understood. Everybody United together to help them out and I saw so much compassion even though people are stressed out. But I also realized that it started with the leaders and then, it trickled down to the employees and from the employees, it went into the patients. It was a beautiful experience to see and it brought me to this reflection because I realized, more than ever, today that I was able to witness what compassion can do in the midst of chaos. That is a beautiful experience for me. Let’s look into our lives and ask yourself, am I being compassionate enough especially during these times with the pandemic where everybody is exhausted but now the holidays are coming and it is coming back. Let’s have compassion, love and kindness for each other. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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