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Clear mission leads to high production
Clear vision leads to high production. That is the reflection of the day. Tonight at 7:30pm, I attended a virtual church meeting. The meeting focused on how to prepare to open the doors of our church for our members in a safeway, when the time comes. We’re not even sure when we are going to open but we are being productive. We have a Pastor who likes to think ahead. That’s the reason why we had this meeting. I realized that one of the things I try to do is always make time for God. I joke around that I work for God and that job is important. So I try as much as possible to be involved as a church council member. The Pastor started reading a message to the council. The message was about when your mission is clear, there is a high production. There is high productivity that happens. It brought me to the beginning 4 weeks ago, when we started thinking about opening the site for the uninsured community, especially the undocumented population. I’ve mentioned in a few of the other podcasts that I’ve done, how this population did not have access and actually still does not have a lot of access to COVID-19 testing. I looked at what we’ve accomplished in the past 4 weeks and when I heard that message from the Pastor, it helped me understand why we were actually able to accomplish opening one of the first COVID-19 testing sites in White Plains where there are so many people that have actually been infected by the virus. It was exactly for that reason that our mission was clear and led us into the direction that we needed to go to be able to accomplish this goal that appeared and may still appear to so many people as a goal that is too difficult to reach. So I want you to think and bring this message to your life. Is your vision clear? Is your mission clear? Because if it’s not, this is an opportunity to work and reflect on that. If you are having days that are unproductive and full of confusion, then you need to do the work on finding your mission and your purpose. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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