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Be careful with your perspectives
Be careful of your perspective. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I was reflecting on how many times we feel that we are so right and we speak with such conviction that sometimes we make a fool of ourselves because we decide to rely on our perspective instead of actually getting data, getting information or getting a different perspective. I was reminiscing because this is something that really happens in business, many times, where people think their perspective is really, you know, something that is not going the way that they wanted it. This has happened to me with doctors. Some of them would say, “Oh, I don’t think I’m making enough money.” Then, when you go and you analyze the data, it isn’t so. But the perspective and, sometimes, the danger is that people make decisions based on perspective instead of really getting the information. Sometimes, it could mean that you have to get an opinion of someone else. It could be a psychologist. I know this happens in couples many times. I mean this happened to me in my marriage all the time. You know the perspective of my ex-husband is different from my perspective. So who’s to say who is right or wrong. That is more of a grey area because there are different lifestyles that people have. Sometimes, you don’t agree with the lifestyle but, many times, when you feel that you are absolutely 100% right, then that is actually to be questioning your judgment, to be questioning your perspective, to be questioning your story because no one is ever 100% right. If you are someone that’s listening to this podcast and you feel that you’re misunderstood, that people just don’t get you, well it is time to reflect, reset and reconnect. Be very careful of your perspective!

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