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Are you surrendering to your anxiety?
Are you surrendering to your anxiety? That is the reflection of today. How many of us surrender to anxiety? We learn to live with anxiety. I personally have shared with you that throughout 15 years of my life, I learned to live with anxiety. Then came a point where I said, “no more”! I am going to combat anxiety. I’m going to fight to live a life without anxiety and I started taking daily action towards my goal. I think about how people are dealing with anxiety at this moment and how the crisis of the coronavirus is taking anxiety to another level. I talked to some people that I know and I can see it and feel it. They are surrendering to living a life of anxiety. They don’t see a way out and they get stuck on anxiety daily. It is a place where it’s difficult to live a life where you feel anxious and sometimes even having difficulty breathing. It really affects so many areas of your life. This is why it’s so important to decide what tools you’re going to use to fight and combat anxiety. I can share with you that yesterday, I had started to get anxiety which I’ve mentioned before is something that is rare for me. I learned to live with it for so many years, so it was rare for me to really feel anxiety. But I realized that I was being hit in many ways and I was trying to get a balance of my life. I couldn’t figure it out. Therefore, I started to get anxiety. I got my daughter back after 4 weeks of me not really having my balance of having my daughter and finding time for her. Dedicating all of my time to really focus on work and how to help the community. I completely immersed myself in it, so it was hard for me to start coming out of that space and being able to balance finding the time to be really dedicated to my daughter. I have to worry about other things that I’ve been doing. What I decided to do, even though I did not want to, was go for a run. I forced myself to go for a 4 mile run and I started to clear my mind. Then, I meditated and I have to tell you that after that I came home, took a shower and got myself looking really pretty. I decided to go out with my daughter and had a great time and beautiful night with her! It was funny because I had decided that I wasn’t going to accept the space of anxiety that I was in. That I was gonna take over control and I did. So I want you to reflect, reset and reconnect on what you are doing to combat your anxiety or are you just accepting it?

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