Are you are aware of all of your complaints?

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Are you are aware of all of your complaints?
Are you aware of all of your complaints? That is the reflection of the day. I think we all know people and maybe we can identify with this reflection today. If you are identifying with the reflection, it’s actually a good step because I always say that sometimes we go through life not stopping and becoming aware. Awareness is amazing! It opens the door to freedom and opportunities. So let’s talk about those people that from the moment they wake up, they are always complaining. There is always something bad that is going to happen. There is always something bad that is happening to them. Therefore, the expectation from the moment they get up is that nothing goes right for them and they stay in that turmoil, that circle of negativity, circle of darkness and that circle of complaints that continues to bring that negative energy. It’s like you’re so stuck because you are not aware. That is why reflecting on a daily basis is tremendously important and that’s why I do these podcasts. This is something that I’ve been doing for so long. I call them my daily deposits. When I start to reflect on something that I’m doing, I’m trying to be aware of my moves and I’m trying to be aware of my blind spots that have been driving me without me knowing. If we don’t do that, we are going to continue in a space of darkness and nobody wants to live in darkness. I know sometimes it is really difficult to stop and reflect but when you can do that on a daily basis, the light will start to penetrate a little bit through that door and that door will start to open up a little allowing you to see the light coming to you. So, if you find yourself where you’re always complaining, nothing is working out for you, you just don’t have enough money, you just don’t have people that understand you, you can go back to your childhood and back to blaming all and always complaining, then it is time to reflect and reset. The beauty of life is that you are given an opportunity to wake up every day to reflect, reset and reconnect.

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