An invitation to speak out in support of sexual abuse survivors

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An invitation to speak out in support of sexual abuse survivors
Statistics reveal that one in three women have been victims of physical or sexual violence and less than 40% have reported or requested help. Sexual abuse is one of the most devasting forms of abuse, leaving victims with multiple negative physical, sexual, psychological and even fatal consequences. To discuss this topic, Enny con Más had as a guest María Trusa, founder of the Yo Digo No Más Movement and a survivor of child sexual abuse. Many years after living through an experience of sexual abuse, Maria decided to tell her story and start a fight to prevent sexual abuse. After publishing her autobiographical book, in which she tells her story of abuse at an early age, she realized that her story is repeated millions of times and decided to start the Movement to Say No More and break the chains of sexual abuse. “I decided, after 47 years, to break the silence and talk about my story because even though I had such a traumatic childhood, it was a childhood that gave me a lot of resilience, which I didn’t even realize myself, and today I am a successful woman”, María said.

A night that destroyed her life

María explains that in just one night her life was destroyed when her father, for reasons she has never understood, gave her to a “Witcher” who took her away, forced her to drink alcohol and sexually abuse of her, causing strong physical and psychological repercussions. Although it was not easy, she decided to tell her story with all details, so that people can perceive the pain she felt and be motivated to act and protect the millions of children who are currently suffering from this scourge. Even though after the life-changing night she never saw her father again, before he died, he asked for her forgiveness and she granted it and this was the greatest gift he could give her, because it allowed her to begin to forgive herself.

A Toxic Life

For years, Maria felt that her life was normal and, as many social norms dictate, she kept that secret of what she lived. It was only with the birth of her first child, who became her first accelerant, that she came to understand how destroyed she was inside and decided to take action to start healing her heart.

A message of hope

Even today, Maria continues to work on her healing process but decided to take the strength out of the trauma and stop being a victim and become a survivor. For this reason, she has educated herself and through the Yo Digo No Más Movement, she has been working to bring a message of hope to those who, like her, have suffered sexual abuse. Thus, this April 30th, in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office and the Yonkers School District, the First I Say No More to Sexual Violence March will be held, a space to unite voices against this scourge and will feature workshops with experts to educate and raise awareness about ‘the silent pandemic’ of sexual abuse. Find the full interview on Enny con Más‘ Youtube channel.

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