A simple act of love

A simple act of love
A simple act of love. That is the reflection of the day. Today, I would like to share with you a routine that I have that I think is something that we should consider as much as possible to create in our lives. That is sharing love. Sharing love is something that is so simple. But, yet, sometimes, we get so caught up in our daily struggles that we tend not to stop to just let the people that are around us know that we love them, that we care about them and that we want to know how they are doing. I think the closer the person is to us, sometimes, we have the tendency of not paying attention to how many times we’re saying that we love this person and sometimes, the complaints take over the love. So today, I would encourage you to start. Even if it’s a few times a week that you send a text of love or you write a message of love to your loved ones. Sometimes, it could be when they’re in front of you. Letting them know what they mean to you and the things that you love about them. That is the reflection of the day.

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