A pause is necessary when your life is in shambles!

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A pause is necessary when your life is in shambles!
A pause is necessary when your mind is in shambles. That is the reflection of the day. I was reflecting, this afternoon, after a long day. I was feeling disorganization throughout the office today like I haven’t felt before because everything seems to be going fine. But sometimes, you hit those days where everything seems to be in shambles. What happens is when you are leading, you are leading in shambles and your entire team starts feeling the same way. So when I say that the pause is necessary, it is because so many times we go and we feel the disorganization and the disaster that is happening everywhere. You just feel that you’re not getting anything done, that you’re sad that you’re not getting anything done. You are not productive enough and then, you start feeling it in your body. Like for me, the area where I feel it, is in my neck and in my upper back. I have learned to take that as a sign that I need to pause and I need to reflect and reorganize my life. The power on that is that then you reflect and reset the next day. You are not only reflecting and resetting yourself but you are reflecting and resetting if you are leading a team or even at home with family. That is so important to do. To be able to stop! Not just let the chaos continue day after day. I find that when I talk to a lot of people and I have the privilege of mentoring many women and people, even in my office, this is that pause. It is so hard for people to really stop. What they do is that they’ll stop later on but it will be too late. It could be weeks. The key thing is to learn to stop as soon as you feel your body is telling you to. You need to stop when you start feeling that tension. That tension is the warning sign that you need to stop. So let’s reflect today on what areas of your life you are feeling that are in chaos and are you stopping to reflect and reset?

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