A divine message

Un mensaje divino
An unexpected message. That is the reflection of the day. Today, there was a realization for me that God was sending me a message through an unexpected person. I started a conversation with someone that I know for five years. This person came up to me and said, “This morning when I was driving to work, you came to mind and the lord was sending a message to you, “Put me first every morning.” Mind you, this is not someone that I am extremely close to. When this person said this to me, it brought me to tears and shocked me. I heard that she said, “I needed to tell you this. I don’t even know why you just came to me and he said, “Put me first.” The irony is that I have been struggling with fitting him into my day. I go to church every Sunday. I do virtual church service throughout these times of covid-19 and I feel closer to God. I feel his presence and I feel peace but I am not putting him first. I am a woman of very strict routines. Most of you that know me, would know that about me. I follow routines every morning. I wake up, I put my clothes to go to the gym and I go downstairs, exactly in the same way. I put it in a way so that I have my shoes and everything that I need. I wake up, go downstairs and do my work out, I meditate, go listen to audible books and then, I go take a shower and start getting ready; making plans for the day. But I didn’t put him first and that was missing. He spoke to me through this person and I promise you that starting tomorrow morning, I will be putting him first. This person suggested that I listen to a Pastor instead of audible books all the time. Someone that I get inspired by and start receiving his messages through. How beautiful! What a beautiful day! This was for me and I know that the Lord spoke to me through this unexpected friend. So I want you to reflect on following your gut because my gut was telling me that I needed to do this but I wasn’t really prepared to pay attention to it. If your gut is telling you to get closer to God, maybe I am the one delivering the message for you. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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