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8 steps to develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
Have ever wondered how to develop Emotional Intelligence? I am sure you do. But, let’s start discussing what is this all about. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify and manage own and other emotions to shape, develop and keep close personal relations. This ability is essential for personal and work environments, that is why it is present in our lives, although you think it is hard for you to create relationships, there is nothing to worry about because it can be enhanced and increased through practice. I invite you to pay attention to the following suggestions to learn how to develop Emotional Intelligence and be able to better connect to important people in your life.

Learn how to develop Emotional Intelligence

If you really want to know how to improve Emotional Intelligence, it is crucial you achieve connecting yourself with what you feel and understand how those emotions influence on you.  Keep these tips in mind: Pay attention to your emotions. The fast and stressful rhythm of life consumes much of our time and put some things aside, one of them is to identify what we feel, hurting ourselves and people around us.  Have some breaks daily to ask yourself how do you feel and why. At the beginning, you can set alarms during the day ad then you will be implementing it as a routine without realizing it.  Enhance your Emotional Vocabulary. Remember you feel more emotions than happiness, sadness, anger, and fear, so when you are identifying a feeling, you have to try to be as specific as possible.  So, you will understand better what you feel and why. Do not judge your emotions. Do not fight against your emotions, keep in mind negative feelings are warning you about something, if you ignore or fight against them, you won’t have clear what these emotions mean. Avoid classify them as good or bad and better consider them as a tool to be aware of yourself.   Learn how to manage your emotions. As you should know,  we are not able to change the actions of others, but we can truly change the way we feel about them. Prevent yourself from drawing negative conclusions when others’ actions disturb you, instead try to change your emotional state by trying this:
  • Go for a walk.
  • Talk to a friend.
  • Listen to music.
  • Practice breathing exercises
What you need to do is try to see the situation from another perspective and keep your emotions under control, before they control you. Express your emotions. It is possible that you, like many other people, find it hard to express all you feel, but you need to keep in mind that the ability to express yourself is essential to building up healthy relations with people close to you. Use affection verbiage when talking and if it is challenging for you, express your caring through your body language. Take the responsibility for your actions. Do not forget your emotions and behaviors come from you, so you are the only responsible for your feelings and actions.  Although it may be a challenge, take the responsibility for your actions may positively impact your life. Write a mood diary. Keeping track of your emotions daily may be an efficient way to enhance your Emotional Intelligence. Express your emotions assertively. If you are able to identify and express your emotions based on assertiveness, you surely will be able to speak out to others without hurting them. The following guidelines may help you to achieve that:
  • Specifically define your emotion.
  • Express your emotions in first person.
  • Communicate the behavior that makes you feel that emotion.
  • Finish by expressing what you need.
  • Avoid using judging or accusing expressions.
In such a way, you will not regret what you said in a moment when your emotions were not under your control and people you communicate with will be able to better understand how you feel and why you reacted in a specific way.

Control your emotions

I have already talked to you about the importance of controlling your emotions and preventing them control you Specially if we talk about negative emotions. To achieve it, you need to keep in mind self-cognition and self-awareness are essential. That is why I want to invite you to connect with yourself and your emotions. Then you will move forward in all aspects of your life. If you want to find more suggestions to learn how to develop Emotional IntelligenceI invite you to read my  blog and to listen to my podcast. There you will find valuable tools to improve your abilities, validate your emotions and manage them in the best possible way.

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