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6 tips to save money and take care of your finances
We all dream of achieving financial freedom that allows us to achieve all our goals and buy not only what we need, but what we want. Sounds amazing, right? But to achieve all this, we must first work responsibly in our economy, and saving money is a very good way to start. Knowing how to save is fundamental to achieve your goals: take a trip, retire early, buy a house, etc. However, I know that sometimes it feels like an impossible mission and, no matter how hard we try month after month, we don’t manage to save enough. This may be happening simply because you don’t know how to save, or maybe you don’t know certain tips that can encourage you to start saving responsibly, with which you can begin to connect with a much more stable economy. To help you, this time I leave you with 6 tips that will help you create an effective savings plan, with which you can surely meet all the goals you set from today onwards.   How to save money? You have probably asked yourself this question many times, especially when you need to make an important expense, but you don’t have enough funds to do it. Some people will tell you that in order to save your money, you must first cut back on everything that gives you pleasure in life. Don’t be fooled! Taking care of your finances doesn’t mean having to count coins or live avoiding any expense you want to make. Saving money involves organization, planning and goals. These 6 tips will help you save money much more effectively:
  • Create a personal budget
This is an essential step, since through this tool you will be able to start knowing better your income and expenses, in order to achieve a better control of the expenses you plan to make during a certain period of time.
  • Set a monthly amount
So that you can save your money without problems, the best thing to do is to set a specific monthly amount, which you should direct solely and exclusively to savings. Generally, it is recommended that you allocate at least 10% of your earnings, however, this amount can be higher if you wish.
  • Make a shopping list
When you go to the supermarket, always make a list of everything you really need and try as much as possible to follow it to the letter. You can even look for possible discounts on products that will allow you to save more money. In addition, a shopping list is also useful when it comes to buying your clothes. Take a look at what you have in your closet and buy only what you need.
  • Pay your debts on time
Whether they are for a purchase, service or bank card, it is important that all debts you have are paid on time, so you will not be charged some kind of extra amount for the delay of your payment, and completely destabilize your budget. A good help is to plan the payment of all your debts for the day after you receive your salary or any economic income, so you can even know how much money you have left over for other expenses and, of course, for your savings.
  • Try not to use your credit cards
The credit card is only for emergencies. If the purchase is not really necessary, it is better not to use your credit card to pay for it. Remember that this type of service generates a bank debt that, if you don’t pay on time, can increase the amount of interest and make your savings goals even more difficult.
  • Prepare homemade food for your work
Finally, an excellent tip is to try to bring homemade food to work. Keep in mind that the expense of having to shop at restaurants on a daily basis can be much higher than you think. If you prepare your food ahead of time at home, in addition to saving your money, you will be able to eat in a much healthier way.   Invest in your goals and your future Saving is, without a doubt, a habit that will allow us to manage our money in a much more responsible way, so we can invest it in each of our goals and make the future as bright and successful as we want it to be. If you want to know more financial tips, in my podcast I share many tools that will allow you to achieve a high economic welfare, so you can save money and enjoy a full and stable life.  

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