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6 habits that will help you improve your family environment
Home is one of the main factors that influence our personality. Everything we live and the way we behave with our family members, is what we will always transmit to the outside. It is important that we can create habits that reinforce family coexistence, to work on the development of values that allow us to be better people. However, it is also true that living as a family is sometimes not easy. There are many elements that can influence the existence of differences and certain problems among family members, such as age, different personalities, etc. In this article I share with you 6 habits that can help you to improve family life, with the purpose of making that connection that unites us to each member of our family stronger and stronger, and to help us develop as successful people capable of achieving each of our goals.
  • Find the right moments to talk
A first habit that can help you work on the family connection is to find spaces in the day to talk with other family members. The ideal is to propose a time a day, which can be for example in the evening after dinner, where the family can get together and talk about how the day was, something that happened to them, answer questions, etc.
  • Share hobbies with your family members
Looking for hobbies or interests that we have in common with our family members is also a useful habit to improve the family relationship. The ideal is to look for points in common, especially with family members with whom we have had more tense moments in recent times, a certain degree of estrangement, etc. It can be, for example, between mother and son, and the activities that can be done can be a walk, going to the movies, board games, among others. In this case it would also be a good idea to establish a fixed day of the week to carry out the activity.
  • Establish rules at home
Something that is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with the family is to establish certain rules, especially within the home. These rules can be agreed upon by the whole family, of course taking into account the age and/or developmental level of the younger children. The rules can be specific times to come home, separation of household chores, as well as what activities can and cannot be done inside the home, such as parties, etc.
  • Distribute household chores
Related to the previous habit, the distribution of household chores is important to develop the value of responsibility in each family member. You can start by assigning roles and specific times for the completion of tasks, with prior agreement among family members.
  • Ensures healthy communication
Many times, when we spend a lot of time with a person, as in the case of our family members, we tend to communicate in an inadequate way, applying habits that are not healthy, such as not listening, not showing enough interest, talking badly about other people, etc. It is important that we learn to maintain correct communication, listening and paying enough attention every time a member of our family has something to tell us.
  • Share moments together
Last but not least, if you want to work on connecting each of the members of your family and foster a healthy coexistence in full harmony, it is good to start sharing moments when you can be together.  These moments can be at lunch or dinner time, when everyone can gather at the table and share a few minutes of quality time, without cell phones or any other technological element that can distract them. Start today to improve your family life together  With each of these tips I mentioned above, you will surely be able to start working on connecting your family, creating a much healthier and harmonious environment, where you can develop people with values and principles, capable of achieving success in every goal they set for themselves. Do you want more tips to improve your family life? Listen to my podcast where I share with you many other tools to work on the connection with your family, as well as my own experiences that will surely help you to start changing the course of your life.

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