5 tips for adopting a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) in your life

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There are many moments in life when we may feel down, discouraged and without energy, either because of some kind of discomfort in the body, an illness, or a situation that has impacted us in a negative way. For these moments, maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is the ideal remedy. With a Positive Mental Attitude, we can be able to work our mind to learn to highlight every detail that makes us happy, keeping us motivated and full of positive energy in those moments when we feel that everything plays against us. However, being positive doesn’t mean we have to be happy and fun all day long. The reality is that it is normal that at certain times we do not feel very well emotionally, but we must learn to work our mind so that these negative feelings do not become a constant feature of our personality. In this article I want to share with you the importance of maintaining a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and some tips for you to start reprogramming your thoughts and surround yourself with a positive energy that fills your spirit with harmony and peace.

 What is Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)?

The Positive Mental Attitude is that state in which we focus our thoughts on the positive aspects of our routine, in order to improve our mood and feel fully motivated to face every challenge that comes our way, while taking care of our mental health. This concept is mentioned in the book “The Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill and William Clement Stone, where both authors define this attitude as “the path to success”, helping the reader to find ways to improve their physical, mental, and moral health through the application of this exercise in their lives. In this same book, Napoleon Hill and William Clement Stone mention that absolutely everyone has what they call an “invisible talisman” which is engraved with the initials AMP (Positive Mental Attitude) on one side, and AMN (Negative Mental Attitude) on the other. In addition, we are explained the importance of keeping the AMP side activated, which has the power to attract wealth, success, health, and happiness into our lives, allowing us to enjoy a complete integral wellbeing, while the AMN takes us away from all those positive concepts that fill us with hope and optimism.

What should I do to adopt a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)?

Without a doubt, the Positive Mental Attitude is a tool that we can use in those moments when we do not feel motivated, to focus our thoughts on all those opportunities that life gives us to be happy, avoiding the self-sabotage that we can experience by complaining and focusing on everything bad. To help you apply this exercise in your life, here are 5 tips for adopting a Positive Mental Attitude (PMA):

Watch your body posture.

Although it may not seem so, our posture greatly influences the way we act in life. Generally, when we feel down or out of energy, we tend to hunch our back, lower our shoulders, and acquire a posture that immediately makes us feel withdrawn and discouraged. It is impressive how your mood can change by adopting a more upright posture, in which you straighten your back and throw your shoulders back, slightly lifting your bust and head. Thus, almost automatically you will be able to effortlessly perceive that positive mental attitude that will change your mood.

In adverse situations listen to your mind, not your body.

Most of the time when we go through difficult times, such as an illness, we tend to neglect our body and spend the whole day in bed, without getting dressed or wearing any kind of clothes that only prevent us from surrounding ourselves with that positive energy we need to fill our spirit with energy. In my case, I was able to experience this a few months ago while I was on bed rest for Covid-19, when I was able to realize that in these moments, most of the time we tend to neglect our usual routine, in which we get dressed and get ready for work, replacing it with a routine in which we feed that negative feeling that makes us feel even sicker. After three days with the virus, I started taking action to listen to my mind, instead of my body. Thus, although I still had some symptoms of the disease, I was able to recover my energy, through a Positive Mental Attitude that motivated me to get up, get dressed, put on my make-up and move forward with my work tasks.

Organize your daily tasks

A good way to develop a Positive Mental Attitude is to map out your daily goals and objectives, so you can organize your time and accomplish them with the best possible energy, without experiencing feelings of anxiety and stress that only prevent you from accomplishing those pending activities. For this, a journaling exercise can be quite timely, in which you can take a diary and write down each of those tasks that you have to do, either at work or at home, without losing your emotional stability.

Take 15 minutes for a break.

With the accelerated pace of life that we usually have nowadays, we often forget how important it can be to take a few minutes of rest, in which we can recharge those energies we need to feel full and confident, and thus take care of our mental health. Whether you are working, or doing a specific task at home, take 15 minutes to drink some coffee, get some fresh air, and even meditate and focus on your positive thoughts, so you can develop that Positive Mental Attitude that will undoubtedly help you end the day in the best possible way.

Repeat many times “I want to and I can”.

One of the main problems when we do not have a Positive Mental Attitude is that we unconsciously let ourselves be carried away by its opposite, the Negative Mental Attitude (NMA), developing thoughts that only self-sabotage us, such as “I can’t do this”, “I am good for nothing”, “nothing works for me”, etc. It is extremely important that we learn to master our mind to get rid of these thoughts, which sink us more and more in a negative energy that prevents us from achieving our goals, acquiring a hostile, depressed and pessimistic attitude, which in turn makes us feel bad mood. When these feelings invade your mind, don’t let them stay there for too long. Try repeating the words “I want to and I can” several times, and you will see that almost immediately you will be able to start adopting that Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) that will lift your spirits and make you feel much better.

Program your mind and enjoy a full and positive life

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is a lifestyle we can choose for ourselves. Don’t let your thoughts play against you during those times when you don’t feel upbeat. Program your mind and focus on every positive aspect of your life, so you can feel complete spiritual peace. Today I want to invite you to take a few minutes to reflect. Are you giving more importance to positive feelings in your life? If not, and you generally feel discouraged, fatigued and hopeless, it’s time for you to start programming your mind and pay more attention to everything that fills you with happiness and motivation. I’m sure you have plenty of reasons to smile and move forward, starting with you, your goals and your physical and mental well-being. Focus on those aspects and you will see how that Positive Mental Attitude will begin to change your life. If you want to receive more tips to help you live a full life in harmony with your well-being, I invite you to listen to my podcast, where I share weekly reflections and anecdotes that will bring to your life that motivation you may be needing. In addition, I want to share with you this gift that I offer you through the talk show Yo Digo No Más, where you will find a series of affirmations that, by repeating them daily in your routines, will allow you to develop more easily that Positive Mental Attitude in your life.

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