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5 keys to effective communication in the family
Since prehistoric times, man has always looked for ways to communicate in order to transmit all kinds of ideas and feelings through signs and signals. Nowadays, we are privileged to have languages and all kinds of technological tools that help us to always keep in touch. But does this allow us to maintain effective communication in the family?  When I talk about effective communication, I am not referring to greetings or stories of the daily routine, but rather to deep and honest conversations in which we can face a problem and provide solutions that allow us to strengthen those bonds that unite us with our family members. Through this type of communication we can build a much stronger family connection, in which we can also create the trust that our children need, to find in us, their parents, that refuge where they can find affection or understanding. In this article I share with you 5 keys that can help you improve the way you listen to your children, or any member of your family, and thus achieve effective communication.
  • Make time to talk as a family
Many times, when our children come to us for help with an issue or situation they are going through, we tend to put it off for whatever reason, whether it’s because we are busy or because we “don’t have time”. We all have a busy schedule at some point, however, it is important to make some space and stop to talk and listen to our family members. Setting aside at least 10 minutes a day to communicate as a family can make all the difference.
  • You must be a good listener
It is important that you know how to listen to your child or any family member who needs to communicate something to you, so that they can feel loved and valued. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to agree with what your family member says to be a good listener, in fact, sharing ideas and thoughts is a healthy practice that further strengthens the family relationship. 
  • Always keep order
Keeping order in the conversation will allow everyone to listen to each other. If your child or another family member is talking, do your best to avoid interrupting so that he or she can express ideas and feelings freely. In this way, communication will be much more fluid and efficient, since each family member will have the opportunity to offer his or her opinion at the appropriate time.
  • Show empathy
You should always stay in tune with your child’s feelings and let them know that you understand. If your child shows feelings of sadness or discomfort, a gentle touch or hug can make them feel safe and understood.  Allow them to express their feelings with confidence and never downplay their feelings by saying phrases like “It’s silly to feel that way” or “You’ll understand when you’re older.” His thoughts are real and should be respected.
  • Always respect different opinions
Even as a family we can have different opinions, especially when it comes to a conversation with our children. Often they will have much fresher and more current thoughts and ideas, which many times may cause us to disagree. It is important that we know how to respect the opinions of each family member. If there is something we disagree with, or feel is inappropriate, there are ways to let them know, always leading in the right direction and with appropriate language and tone. Effective communication is the foundation of a harmonious family. By applying each of these tips I mentioned above, you will surely be able to start working on connecting with your family members, building an atmosphere of harmony and respect in which they allow themselves to listen to each other. Through my podcast I regularly share with you many other tools that will help you strengthen family ties. Listen to it now and discover why maintaining effective communication is an important basis for building healthy, harmonious and productive families.

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