Are you present to the internal white noise of the people around you? That is the reflection of the day. This concept is something that I have thought about for a long time. All of us bring white noise to our connection with the world, either through our body language or through the way that we communicate. The white noise can block you from having connection. Actually, many times, moving forward in life to the level of success that you are able to have because of your smartness and your determination can be blocked by white noise. This came to me as I was speaking with someone yesterday about a mutual acquaintance that I look up to and believe is a person who has so much to bring to the community because this person happens to be extremely smart. But this person said to me, ‘it is hard to connect with him because he has a big ego’. Then, I was saying to this person, ‘how about we learn how to get rid of the white noise and just get the substance of what this person brings to the table?’ The person, obviously, said that would be wonderful. Unfortunately, we are built to listen to the “White Noise” first and block that opportunity. It’s very difficult for you to completely get rid of that white noise and be able to see the strength that this person or the people around you bring to the table, to the world. It’s so great that it is worth being able to block the white noise and just say, ‘Well you know what, when somebody has a huge ego, you actually can feel sorry for them because having a big ego is someone that’s making a lot of noise and is internally insecure.” They are in turmoil. So if we are able to see it that way, then you could get so much more from all of those people around you and create a greater connection. That is the reflection of the day. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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