Are you leveraging on gratitude?




Are you leveraging on gratitude?

Today is a day of reflecting on gratitude. Are we really appreciating how much we have, even though it seems like we’ve lost so much already during this crisis.

I was reflecting back this morning on an exercise that I’ve been doing with my daughter every night for the past year. It is an exercise where we go through all the things that we are grateful for before we say goodnight. Usually, it’s 4 to 5 things but the first one I always start with is that I am grateful I have the opportunity to say goodnight to you today. For me, it is a reminder of a friend that lost her daughter; her only child. Many of you know about this because it was the little girl that I ran the marathon in memory of, Savannah. After her sickness, I started doing this exercise with my daughter; realizing that gratitude every night brings me to a stronger connection with my daughter (even though at times she frustrates the heck out of me as many 11 years old would do). I am blessed to go back before she goes to sleep; appreciating the fact that I still have her. So let’s reflect today on all that we have.

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“All my life, I have acted with the firm purpose of helping my community and, in many ways, I continue to do so. Therefore, my advice is: visualize yourself, trust the power of your mind and attract what you want for yourself. Yes, you can live the dream!”

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