An unexpected message




An unexpected message. That is my reflection of the day.
This morning, I received a few messages from different people. Some of them I am very connected to and others were people out of the blue just sending me a message to say ‘thank you’ for our services and others sending me messages of love and support. I was thinking how strange and what a coincidence that I woke up today actually needing those messages. I am usually the one that wakes up sending messages. But today, as I opened my eyes, I started getting these messages that were like fuel to my soul. My soul was feeling a little hurt today. I was feeling a little confused, in darkness and questioning things. Building stories questioning if I am doing enough, if I am utilizing my time to really make an impact. I can’t work anymore than I am, but somehow I feel that I can. I can continue to do more, I can possibly sleep a little less to make a greater impact but I realized that I’m doing the best that I can and that I am all in with my heart. But it cannot be done all alone. You need people right by your side, even if it is just people who are sending you a message just when you need it the most. That is why I always say together we could do so much more. There is a quote that I created many years ago that says, “Working together means winning together”! So my ask of you today is that when you wake up in the morning to send a message to someone, take action to make an impact. Whether it is with a message or donating your time to an organization that desperately needs more help to make an impact. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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“All my life, I have acted with the firm purpose of helping my community and, in many ways, I continue to do so. Therefore, my advice is: visualize yourself, trust the power of your mind and attract what you want for yourself. Yes, you can live the dream!”

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