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My name is María Trusa, I was born in the Dominican Republic where I spent my first years of life with a precarious lifestyle.  At the age of 9, I suffered a strong assault that almost cost me my life and years later, it became my drive to achieve success.
I moved to the United States when I turned fifteen and after a long period of adaptation, I learned the language and passed my school years to later join the Scarsdale Medical Group, a place to which I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn and improve and in which I achieved remarkable professional growth.  At Scarsdale Medical Group I was able to reach the position of executive director and transformed this medical center into a multi-million dollar institution with more than 200 employees.

I have always been proud of my Latin roots and in the quest to share a little of my personal history with those less favored, in 2015, I made the decision to join Gina Cappelli in the transformation of Formé, a medical center that provides quality health services and dignified treatment for the vulnerable Hispanic community, especially those undocumented or with indefinite immigration status who are unable to have social security.

I am a faithful believer that we must overcome ourselves to leave a legacy that impacts future generations. For this reason, in 2019, at the age of 55, I ran the New York Marathon, to show that there are no limits to achieving your goals.

After telling my story for the first time in the documentary, “Triumph of the Entrepreneurial Spirit”, I understood that there are millions of people around the world with stories of triumph who must tell their story, so that together we can be the voices that ends the silent pandemic that is sexual abuse.

For this reason,In 2020,  I decided to writre my first book #YoDigoNoMas.  This later turned it into a movement that aims to be the main support platform in the healing process of sexual abuse survivors.

My journey with the movement has led me to participate in countless interviews, talks and events, in which with my story, and that of hundreds of people who have trusted me, I give a message of encouragement to those who still do not dare to take the first step on the road to healing.  In the year 2021 and with the support of different organizations, I brought the movement to the screens with the Talk Show “#YoDigoNoMas”, with a season full of emotions and a lot of truth.

I am currently working hand in hand with a great team and my 3 children, of course,  on the second season of our Yodigonomas talk show.  Through the show we aim to empower survivors and the community, to transform pain into the energy necessary to achieve success. Success in all areas of your life personal, emotional, professional and financial.


My life story


Living goes beyond breathing, a statement that over the years becomes easier to understand.

The quantity and quality of connections you have with the people around you, can be a determinant of the quality of life you have had, which is why I want to share with you the pillars that have allowed me to build a fulfilling life over time. Accept each of the gifts I want to share with you, look at the positive side in every situation and learn to identify priorities, reorganize them if necessary and achieve lasting connections by taking care of each of the pillars of life.

About Me


Learn about each of my pillard and become part of my personal Journey
About Me


Learn the tools that will help you gain financial freedom in life
About Me


Guidance and advice for each of the pillards in your life
About Me


Learn how to find the gift in each situation you face day to day
About Me


Simple and effective exercise routines that you can do at home
About Me
Rewrite your story

Daily affirmations

I am so happy and grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities throughout multiple sources on a continuous bases

Set an Intention: Write what you want 3 times in the morning - 6 times in the afternoon - 9 times at night, do it for 21 days consistently and you will see the results

I am a person worthy of love and wealth.

I will live today with an open mind and heart
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We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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