A lesson on humility




A lesson on humility. That is my reflection of the day.
I was reflecting this morning on a conversation that I had with someone that is a friend of mine for many, many years. This is someone extremely successful that for most of his life has been extremely busy. Ironically, he is telling me how he is on pause, he is not busy at all and his entire practice has never experienced what they are experiencing now. I was reflecting on humility because many people that are very successful sometimes get disconnected with humility. They get disconnected from the human race and, sometimes, feel that they’re better than other people. I always say that we are humans first and then, get titles in life and achieve different levels of success. But ultimately we all come to this world the same way and will be leaving the same way. I believe this pause is definitely a time that could be a major gift to humanity. I think humility is going to be balancing the world, that lessons will be learned from this pause the coronavirus has brought and people will be better participants of the human race. That is my positive thinking. When I was speaking with this person, I know many of the people that are part of that group had a bigger than life attitude and now they are equal to most people that are losing their businesses and struggling to survive. Many of us pretty much know someone that is being affected by this virus health-wise so this puts us at the same level. We are all human first. Therefore, it is important to reconnect with the feeling of humanity and humility. Let’s reflect, reset and reconnect.

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“All my life, I have acted with the firm purpose of helping my community and, in many ways, I continue to do so. Therefore, my advice is: visualize yourself, trust the power of your mind and attract what you want for yourself. Yes, you can live the dream!”

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