Adelante award.

On September 17 of 2019, Maria Trusa received the “Adelante” Award, of the Westchester Hispanic Law Enforcement Association, Inc. in White Plains New York.

This award recognizes the contributions and achievements of Hispanic individuals who have made a positive impact on past, current, and future generations, whether they be in law enforcement or any business or profession that has made a significant contribution to the community at large.

Adelante, is a Spanish word that means onward, describes professionals who had worked tenaciously for the greater good of all.

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“Toda mi vida, la he actuado con el propósito firme de ayudar a mi comunidad y de muchas formas lo sigo logrando, por eso mi consejo es: visualízate, confía en el poder de tu mente y atrae lo que quieres para ti; sí se puede vivir el sueño”

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